The Professional Profile of The Maestro

The Professional Profile of The Maestro

“The world’s one and the only true Handwriting All Rounder ever!”

Born with a highly inquisitive and profoundly analytical mind, nurtured to identify problems and produce creative, innovative, and effective solutions. Artistic and Articulate, the Maestro has honed his inherent abilities in Handwriting, Lettering, Calligraphy, Graphonomy, Public Relations, and Public Speaking. Leadership laced with Organising, Coordinating, and Executive skills. He is not only self-taught and self-made, but he has additionally also become a self-actualized and self-realized person.

He has been living a life as an “exception to the rule” by breaking through formal cordons of academics & paper qualifications, with his “Auto-didacticism”. He is inspired by the great Italian Leonardo da Vinci. He prefers calligraphy to stress on accuracy and beauty. He leads by example that people with epilepsy can be creative, well-organized, and established achievers par excellence.

People who have experienced his multidimensional capabilities and performance in his preferred disciplines have defined him as:

An Anthropologist, Artist, Author, Autodidact, Aviator, Calligraphy Maestro, Connoisseur of Handwriting, Corporate trainer, Cross-Cultural Understanding Enter-Trainer, Educational Reformer, Entrepreneur, Geographer, Graphologist, Life Coach, Mentor, Mimicry Artist, Miniature Model Maker, Marksman, Orator, Professor of Management, Professor of Penmanship, Questioned Document Examiner, Raconteur, Sculptor, Sociologist & Social Reformer.

In 2002, the Gallup Organization of USA had analyzed him and summed him up as below:


Excellence, not average is his measure! He polishes his strengths and capitalizes on the natural gifts, which he is blessed with.


This forces him to take psychological ownership for anything he commits, whether small or big, he feels emotionally bound to follow it through completion.


He likes to explain, describe, speak in public, and to write. He believes that ideas are the dry beginning; events are static unless they are brought to life, energized, and make them exciting and vivid. He converts events into stories and tells them effectively. His hunt for dramatic and powerful word combinations makes people like to listen to him. His word pictures stimulate the listener’s interest, sharpen their world, and inspire them to act.


He is gracious to his fellow competitors and even stoic in defeat, he does not compete for the fun of competing, he competes to win, he likes contests because they must produce a winner.


He looks at the world with a unique and distinct vision, no matter what the situation, he seems to know the right decision. This final accountability for a living does not intimidate him; on the contrary, it is natural to him. This theme lends an aura of certainty. Unlike many, he is not swayed by someone else’s arguments, no matter how persuasive they may be. His Self-Assurance is STRONG and SOLID, like the keel of a ship, which makes him withstand many different pressures and keeps him ON HIS COURSE.

Links to his brief and detailed profile pdf:

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