J’s Great Da Vinci Training Co.

“If you can visualise the Invisible, you can accomplish the Impossible”

– Prof. Vijay S Rao, Cambridge UK

Every individual is born with multiple abilities and talents. Unfortunately, the majority of them go undiscovered. Many individuals end up being a square peg in a round hole leading to dissatisfaction, frustration, stress and depression which affects the quality of their work and life has a ripple effect in the industry, corporate, society, nation and the world.

Today’s digital world and the superfast information highway in a fast-changing world has unfortunately left many individuals, especially youngsters much more confused than ever before, about themselves, their career and their future. It is unfortunate to see many of them stuck at crossroads of their life.

There are umpteen number of personality development courses available for help as well. Regrettably, the majority of them are terribly short-sighted and “half-baked”, if we may call so, as they fail to help the individual identify their true personality or chart a course of action for their future. We have come across a large number of individuals who come in desperate for help despite being academically well qualified and having attended many personality development courses. The irony here is that both, these individuals, as well as the recruiting corporates, have failed to realise that exceptional performance can be achieved only when one’s true potential is identified and channelised.

Our Great Da Vinci Training Co. was established to achieve exactly this performance feat with our clients as we believe that each one of you is like the great Leonardo da Vinci with immense potential, but some of you are like “sundials in the shade”, as Benjamin Franklin said.

We offer bespoke training programs to help you discover your inherent abilities, skills, strengths and improve them appropriately, to apply them effectively, following the demands of the professions existing in the time frames in which you live.

It becomes imperative in this post Corona (COVID-19) era to find your right fitment in the uncertain business environments and the unforeseen challenges that it unfolds…

Would You like to remain as an unknown face in the crowd or become a force to be reckoned with?

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