J’s Black Hat Investigations

On a Mission to Reduce & Avoid Forgery of Signatures and Important Documents Since 1990

Signatures and handwriting can be discreetly copied to seem identical cosmetically, then they are called forged.. In the yesteryears documents such as Cheques, Agreements, Sale Deeds and Contracts were completely handwritten and signed. Even in the digital age, they have to be physically signed and stamped in some cases. When there are two identical documents and disputed, then they become documents in question and need to be examined. When a thorough examination is performed to compare the intrinsic values, the variations are seen between the original and imitated writing or signature.

We, at the J’s Black Hat Investigations, have been offering classified investigative services in Forgery Detection and Questioned Document analysis with descriptive reports to Individuals, Banks, Corporates, Lawyers, Law Firms, and a few courts in India who have solicited it from us.

We also conduct regular seminars for groups on “How to avoid Forgery” for Bankers/ Financial Institutions, Corporates, Colleges / Universities, and the general public. These seminars have proved to be extremely helpful for those who use cheques, sale deeds, contracts, and agreements. The course also educates on how to protect oneself from digital frauds and how not to become a victim of such frauds.

Differences Between A Signature & An Autograph. (Coming Soon)