The Seed for Communication Skills: Aksharabhyasam

The seed that penetrates deeper into exploring the seven elements of Handwriting. This includes Handwriting, Typography, Lettering, Calligraphy, Graphology, Grapho Therapy, and the Questioned Document Examination (Forgery Detection).

The present-day digital age has destabilized many a human mind about the real purpose and art of handwritten communication. ‘Calligraphy is a word, grossly abused, worse than the proverbial experience of the Five blind men trying to define an elephant’.

From forcing kids to write formal alphabets in preschool to the Right age, method, and style of handwriting... Many concocted confusions exist in the handwriting taught in schools today. This is also a reason an increasing number of students suffer from bad handwriting. This Aksharabhyasam seed attempts to offer the much-needed clarity to parents, teachers, and students. Be Empowered with the Right Knowledge & Spread the Handwritten Word.

Keep the habit of Handwriting alive in its authentic form to enjoy the visual delight and the curative power it exudes in that free flow of ink on paper as you write it Right, connecting better with your thoughts and feelings. J’s Golden Hand also conducts seminars and workshops on the Seven Elements of Handwriting for parents, students, and teachers, leading to handwriting, professional calligraphy, and master trainer programs which are one-of-its-kind in the Handwriting world.

Rooting ‘The Write’ Experience

Wish you all a happy Indian National Handwriting Day! Let's begin with the Aksharabhyasam and rooting the Write experience the right way. Thoughts of K C Janardhan Curated by Aarthi R Nandakishore Home is the first school for every child. Aksharabhyasam gives them formal or informal beginning to formal education on...

SteadFast Cave

The SteadFast Guide – From Scratch To Stylus

From the days of the caveman scratching on the walls to communicate to the clay tablets and bamboo reeds of the Mesopotamian age to the papyrus and quill to the steel nibs, fountain pens, Biro (the original name for ball pen) to the modern gel pens to the smartphones,...

What and Why Saptha Beej?

The Maestro K.C Janardhan speaks about Handwriting, Lettering, Calligraphy, Fountain Pens, Writing Instruments, and other issues related to Education. Engage the Five Senses, Explore the Two Sides through the Seven Weeks & Seven Deep thought seeds…