Why Saptha Beej?

Our logo is designed by the Maestro after a deep thought that emanates from his experience and practicing the Seven elements of handwriting, a process that begins for him with the Seven colors of the energizing sunlight, listening to the Seven notes of harmony in music that plays in his creative studio.

Looking deep, so many factors of Seven play a vibrant yet harmonious role in every person’s life through the Seven days of the week.

Everything begins with a thought and we seed them across various soils. Only a few take shape in a conducive environment and when nurtured with the right focus and patience, they become huge trees of positive change that provide shelter, clean air, and tasty fruits of livelihood year after year.

In short, the Beej dotted with seed in Saptha Beej is to breed refreshing thoughts, ideas, and action plans, week after week – to enjoy the beauty of the rhythm of life orchestrated by Seven.

Deeper into Indian mythology, the Saptha for Seven begins with a Swan – the mythological Swan Hamsa that is believed to eat pearls and separate milk from water in a mixture of both. Swan is also the vehicle of goddess Saraswathi, the goddess of knowledge and creative arts. Our earnest thought and effort here are to reach out to at least one person a week who will transform themselves as the Hamsa, (*Supreme Spirit – Ultimate Reality) – known for absorbing only the good amidst the chaos in this corrupted & confusing world to get better clarity and beginning to their Future.

Interestingly, we are also a Seven-member team here at J’s Quill Productions.

Cheers to a New Beginning! Here’s unfolding the Seven Seeds of Saptha Beej
The People Participation with Passion PPP Mode in Fort Bengaluru

The People Participation with Passion (PPP) Mode

Safe, Bright and Congestion Free through the night! Enter this reformed Fort B Street, that leads to one of Bengaluru’s oldest and congested notorious hubs called Fort Bengaluru. Our bigger lead here is the new society code, I call it the People Participation with Passion - PPP mode that...

The Catalyst - Professor Vijay Swamy Rao

The Catalyst

The Catalyst, an unsung stimulant of chemical reactions, also has a beautiful meaning in the deeper human world: As a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic.’ — (Dictionary.com) Meet Professor Vijay Swamy Rao, the Catalyst in my life who has been both...

Connecting Dots Student way

Connecting Dots, the Student Way

Student Spotlight is all about Connecting dots, the Student Way and through different perspectives. My Student in Spotlight this week is Aamer Ahmed. He connects me to some fond memories of the early millennium and my trainer days in global cross-cultural training.  Thoughts of K C Janardhan, Edited & Curated by...


What Am I?

Knowing Who Am I leads to knowing What Am I? What You Possess within Yourself and What You can do with Your Natural Abilities, gives you the strength to Reinvent and Realign Yourself to New Opportunities or Create One if it does not exist! We touched upon the Inner Voice concept...

Rooting ‘The Write’ Experience

Wish you all a happy Indian National Handwriting Day! Let's begin with the Aksharabhyasam and rooting the Write experience the right way. Thoughts of K C Janardhan Curated by Aarthi R Nandakishore Home is the first school for every child. Aksharabhyasam gives them formal or informal beginning to formal education on...