Prof K C Janardhan: Author Trustee BFAWT, Established in 2017

For the last 30 plus years, Prof. K C Janardhan has been living in Bengaluru Fort amidst murder threats and attempts by the various nefarious elements and Mafia in Kalasipalyam and has successfully tamed most of the undesirable elements with a social change by changing their attitudes to ensure peaceful living leading to a better quality of life.

From 2013, he has been single-handedly fighting the Transport Mafia in Kalasipalyam and the FORT locality, where they have created terrible traffic jams leading to many deaths of patients in the ambulance who were very near to the three major hospitals in the vicinity. These transporters have also been causing lead poisoning in the locality with their diesel fumes, leading to many policemen and senior citizens in the locality developing lung diseases and loss of life!

Survived a Murder attempt in 2016 masterminded by the Transport Lobby and spearheaded by the Traffic Police Inspector, who was later suspended. He authored the “Bengaluru Fort Area Welfare Trust”, bringing the residents of Fort locality out of the threat and fear they have been living in for multiple decades.

He has been driving the objectives of the “Bengaluru Fort Area Welfare Trust.” Coordinating with BBMP, BWSSB, BESCOM, POLICE & TRANSPORT DEPARTMENTS to cleanse and transform the Fort Area from all its perils. BFAWT has been gaining support to transform the Original Heritage Bengaluru into a “Jewel in the Crown” of modern Bengaluru, with its project titled “Heritage Bengaluru Fort’s Ripple Effect for a Euphoric Impact!” He believes that every change has to have an epicentre and it has to start from the root of bengaluru to spread its positive impact to the periphery of the city