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Montblanc and The Maestro


A Unique Collaboration of Passion

J's Quill Group

J’s Connoisseur’s Quill

Unmatched Professional Calligraphy Services for Corporate Events, Weddings, and Other Special occasions

J’s Quill Productions

In-House Unit for Blogs, Videos, Podcasts & Digital content on Anything & Everything that adds to the Reader’s Experience

J’s Golden Hand

Regular Courses & Training in Handwriting, Lettering & Calligraphy for Parents, Teachers, Students & Handwriting Enthusiasts

J’s Quill Publishing Company

The 30-Year experience across varied subjects and continuous research on Handwriting & Calligraphy culminates into interesting books and publications.

J’s Great Da-Vinci Training Co.

Bespoke training to empower the confused, frustrated, or burnt-out youth & middle-aged individuals, to become masters of their lives.

J’s Quill Valuers & Certifiers

For Collectors and Individuals to get their vintage and contemporary fountain pens, other writing instruments and accessories valued and certified by the Maestro based on his stringent and professional norms.

J’s Black Hat Investigations

Offering Detailed Forgery Detection & Quality Questioned Document Examination Services since 1990.

J’s Quill Auctioneers

Conducts auctions for Vintage/Contemporary Pens, writing instruments, accessories and other related items, in brick and mortar as well as virtual e-platforms.

J’s La Quill Museum

A Storehouse of Emotions & Memories on Handwriting, Lettering, Calligraphy & Writing Instruments, Preserved for Posterity.

J’s Quill Corporate Communications

Offers PR and Communication Services exclusively for Fountain Pens, Inks, Writing Instruments, Accessories and Stationery Industry

J’s Quill Fountain Pen Boutique

Choose Your Best Pen, Specially Tuned by the Maestro and Have it Personalized with Your Name Engraved on it at the Best Price!

J’s Quill Corporate Social Responsibility

Special Initiatives & CSR Activities that promote many Social Causes which Professor K C Janardhan is Actively Involved In.

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Rooting ‘The Write’ Experience

Wish you all a happy Indian National Handwriting Day! Let's begin with the Aksharabhyasam and rooting the Write experience... read more

The Four Seasons Plan

The Four-Season Plan

The Quest for the letters A-Z has literally taken me around the World from America to New Zealand. The... read more

SteadFast Cave

The SteadFast Guide – From Scratch To Stylus

From the days of the caveman scratching on the walls to communicate to the clay tablets and bamboo reeds... read more



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