J’s La Quill Closet Tour

The Seed For A Saga: J’s La Quill Closet Tour

This seed takes you on a virtual tour of this common man museum at J’s La Quill. This one-of-it’s kind museum has some interesting collections on handwriting and calligraphy, pens, inks, and curios houses collections and memories.

From the first pen to the F1 memorabilia, there is an interesting story associated with each and every item collected and curated by calligrapher KC Janardhan over the last 30 years. There are deeper emotions attached to these experiences as well.

Every cycle of Saptha Beej will showcase one such curated experience alongside some interesting facts on the fountain pens in this J’s La Quill Closet tour.

Lost & Found!

August 21, 2020: This week we open the J’s La Quill Closet at the museum to talk about my collection of pens and inks one by one. Here's one interesting experience, Lost and Found. I initially began writing about my very first ‘calligraphy’ pen, bought as an amateur. Somewhere I got...

What and Why Saptha Beej?

The Maestro K.C Janardhan speaks about Handwriting, Lettering, Calligraphy, Fountain Pens, Writing Instruments, and other issues related to Education. Engage the Five Senses, Explore the Two Sides through the Seven Weeks & Seven Deep thought seeds…