Swachatha Swastya Samaja

The seed for the Absolute Soul Mind Society (SMS) Connect - Swachata Swasthya Samaja

“When the Mind is Polluted, Thoughts get Perverted, Actions are Corrupted and the SYSTEM is Prosecuted. This marks the decline of Humanity, the Family, the Locality, the Society, the City, the State, and the Country…”

These wise words of my friend, mentor and guide Professor Vijay S Rao, unfortunately, have become the order of the day, today. We need to steer clear and make way for better awareness of self and society. Cleanse the mind and soul of the insecurities that breed jealousy and greed beyond needs. What better way to seed a beginning than the words and actions expressed in the right order? Every cycle of Saptha Beej attempts to create a clear-thinking individual and an informed citizen through Swachata Swasthya Samaja.

The People Participation with Passion PPP Mode in Fort Bengaluru

The People Participation with Passion (PPP) Mode

Safe, Bright and Congestion Free through the night! Enter this reformed Fort B Street, that leads to one of Bengaluru’s oldest and congested notorious hubs called Fort Bengaluru. Our bigger lead here is the new society code, I call it the People Participation with Passion - PPP mode that...

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The Prelude to Prevention

Professor K C Janardhan and his volunteering association with the SA-MUDRA FOUNDATION goes a long way back. He often quotes its Founder, Bharathi Singh as a fond example for a Real Fighter in recent times. SA-MUDRA (Meaning a 'cohesive', 'positive' identity’ in Sanskrit) is an NGO that stems from...

What and Why Saptha Beej?

The Maestro K.C Janardhan speaks about Handwriting, Lettering, Calligraphy, Fountain Pens, Writing Instruments, and other issues related to Education. Engage the Five Senses, Explore the Two Sides through the Seven Weeks & Seven Deep thought seeds…