Savouring Serendipity

Seeding Memoirs Signature Style: Savoring Serendipity

Life as a journey is sometimes best measured in friends than the miles or even milestones. Every timeframe unfolds some rare windows of opportunities and long-lasting friendships. Some very casual encounters bond you for life as friends. 

That’s exactly what happened to calligrapher KC Janardhan when he finally used his handwriting skills to make a living and a career during the 80s. People he met as casual encounters at work got closer to him and remain positive influences to date. 

The Savouring Serendipity seed of Saptha Beej is to savor these interesting friendships and cherished memories -- in absolute serendipity and in the soul company of the written words expressed in complete gratitude to celebrate the journey and the relationships through various images from his memory drive. 

The Catalyst - Professor Vijay Swamy Rao

The Catalyst

The Catalyst, an unsung stimulant of chemical reactions, also has a beautiful meaning in the deeper human world: As a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic.’ — ( Meet Professor Vijay Swamy Rao, the Catalyst in my life who has been both...

Birthdays and Beginnings

Birthdays and Beginnings

August 14: It is my birthday today and I make a new beginning with my blog, Saptha Beej. As with birthdays and beginnings, fantasies, friends and fond memories rule the day and my routine. Here I am deeply reminded of the 90s, my beginning years in professional calligraphy. I...

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