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Legendary Maestro Prof. K C Janardhan is an author-preneur, who writes and designs his books.

His 30-year global experience in various capacities across multiple fields now culminates into books and videos for the benefit of fellow humans across the globe.

The Maestro is currently working on six titles on diverse topics like the Seven Elements of Handwriting, Lettering, Calligraphy, Graphology, Graphonomy and Questioned Document Examination. Also coming up are Ten Workbook series with a kit to develop and improve one’s handwriting pleasurably! His innovative approach also encourages the habit of handwriting with great clarity among the young and old in this digital age for posterity.

He is parallely also working on two separate books on Effective Management strategies in an exciting and absorbing manner for the young and the middle-aged as well as another two titles on Self – Development.

Also coming up is his Three-part Autobiography that captures his struggles with Epilepsy and effectively dealing with the social stigma surrounding it. His unusual career, in his chosen fields fighting against the socio-economic barriers through autodidactism, could be influential, inspiring and motivating to people across the globe to achieve success against all the odds.

Look out for the launch announcements of each of these books in the upcoming months…