Student Spotlight

The Seed For A Scintillation: Student Spotlight

Teaching is a profession that teaches all professions… Teachers open the door You Enter by Yourself... You guessed it right! This seed of Saptha Beej is our humble attempt to celebrate the real essence of Teacher’s day and probe deeper into both the unexplored realms and the forgotten chapters of teaching.

I am a Teacher. I say so with Pride and Happiness as my teaching experience anchors on my students and their continuous growth over the years in learning that expands beyond handwriting. Guiding them right through the journey is my Personal Social Responsibility (PSR). Ralph Waldo Emerson gives me yet another profound thought to quote here for the perfect lead: “The Secret of Success in Education is Respecting the Students.”

Connecting Dots Student way

Connecting Dots, the Student Way

Student Spotlight is all about Connecting dots, the Student Way and through different perspectives. My Student in Spotlight this week is Aamer Ahmed. He connects me to some fond memories of the early millennium and my trainer days in global cross-cultural training. Thoughts of K C Janardhan, Edited & Curated by...


Students’ Stride…Teacher’s Pride!

August 04, 1998, Karthick Kannan filled up the student application form and enrolled himself for the evening sessions of the Alphabet Engineering Program (Handwriting Development Classes) conducted by Professor K C Janardhan at the Mahaveer Jain College in V. V. Puram. He was a naive 15-year old boy, silent and...

What and Why Saptha Beej?

The Maestro K.C Janardhan speaks about Handwriting, Lettering, Calligraphy, Fountain Pens, Writing Instruments, and other issues related to Education. Engage the Five Senses, Explore the Two Sides through the Seven Weeks & Seven Deep thought seeds…