Courses at J’s Great Da Vinci Training Co.

We Empower the Power within You, to Become The Master of Your Life.

“A few people make things happen, Many see things happen, The majority don’t know what is happening, and the Rest never care whatever happens.”

Where would you like to belong? …in the Few? … Many? … the Majority? …or among the Rest?

If you decide to be among the Significant and Successful Few, then you are bang on at the right place! Welcome to enrolment at our training programs at the Da Vinci Training Co. The Maestro will empower you to visualize the invisible & accomplish the impossible.

♣ “Be Your Own Master” (For 18 years & Above)

In this program, we map the competency of every candidate to help him, or her find their natural abilities and focus on their Strengths. If they possess an inherent weakness in survival skill areas, we improve them to the extent required to survive. We help them create a ME chart and a bright “PLAN OF ACTION” for their lives, as we ensure that they will polish their strengths, to become their own master of their life. This helps each individual to find their natural calling and become successful in their lives.

In an ever-changing fast-paced and uncertain world, confusion about career and future have become a standard feature. The majority are clueless and frustrated, and such people need help.

We help you find your natural abilities, talents, and awaken your inherent strengths. We map your competencies to build your capacities, Create a chart, and plan for life.

BYOM provides you with the clarity and confidence to find certainty in ever-changing business environments, to find the right slots and fitment, and lead a meaningful life through a satisfying occupation /vocation or a profession.

Transforming the “Third Class” to Distinction in life and empowering the Excellent to become Marvelous.

♣ Global Cross-Cultural Understanding Training (For 18 years & Above)

In the years to come, only two types of business or corporates will exist -either a small scale local business or a multinational corporation providing ample opportunities for the young men and women to become globetrotters. The cross-cultural misunderstanding has been a significant reason before International Business failures.

This program takes you through the layers of cultures and subcultures of various geographical locations with Anthropological, sociological and psychological perspectives to transform you into a global citizen with practical understanding to promote cordial relations.

♣ English Language Competency (For 14 years & Above)

English is the universal linking language of the world. Today we find that several youngsters are struggling with the English language, due to lack of exposure and proper training. We have experts, who have been training the students as well as corporate executives, to correct and enhance grammar, mother tongue influence, and transliterations issues in the written and spoken form. Accent neutralization and accent enhancement are done according to the geographical region.

♣ Public Speaking (For 18 years & Above)

♣ Ideal Impressions Training-Dressing Dining, Social and Travel Etiquette (For 18 years & Above)

♣ Image Management Consultancy and Training

“Your first impression makes the best Impression, and your last impression should leave a Lasting Impression. In this world of completion, you don’t get a second chance to create the first impression.”

We offer training Corporate, Dining, Dressing, Social, and Travel etiquette to transform them into genuinely International Citizens.

♣ 3-hour Seminars

  • Level 1:  2 days Seminar cum Workshop on a Saturday and Sunday
  • Level 2:  ½ hour mentoring on weekdays with prior appointments.

If you are interested in any of these training programs, please call us to inquire about the venue, dates, and fees.

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