J’s Quill Productions

J’s Quill Productions

Our In-house production unit producing visual content for print and digital media.

August 14, 2020: We launched our blog Saptha Beej on this day, also my 59th Birthday. What also makes Saptha Beej special, is its myriad connections to the Number – 7.

Here’s introducing my team of Seven at J’s Quill Productions. They have worked overtime and burnt the midnight oil when it mattered the most – to bring this website and the blog alive. My deepest appreciation to each one of them who made this possible.


Karthick Kannan

Has been with me for the past two decades, actively involved in designing this website from the inception stages–structuring the sitemap to designing the website elements alongside digitising my artworks and choosing the right platforms to host, register and maintain.

Aarthi R Nandakishore

Associated with us as a writer for the last seven years. She is now also working with me as the Editor & Curator at J’s Quill Productions, ruminating on my autobiography and co-authoring the blog content alongside other books planned for the J’s Quill Publications.

Manasi Janardhan

A poet by passion and a budding Anthropologist. She specialises in portrait and tabletop photography and captures my moods and expressions with precision as she knows them best, being my daughter.


As a web developer – for continuously coordinating and completing the backend work for both the website and the blog. From photos to content trying hard to portray everything, the team has created from scratch.
Giridhar Addagalla


Our newest team member, also known for his fast fingers. He played a crucial role in upgrading our old website and fixing a few technical glitches during the first cycle of our blog Saptha Beej. His family has been in the business of office supplies (named Pen Corner) for 56 years.

Suvobrata Ganguly Chawm

An avid blogger and a man of experience himself. He has so nicely played the advisory role whenever needed. Know More about him on his blog: Inked Happiness.


For Re-designing the website and giving valuable inputs.