Savoring Serendipity

Savouring Serendipity Memoirs Signature Style

Life as a journey is sometimes best measured in friends than the miles or even milestones. Every timeframe unfolds some rare windows of opportunities and long-lasting friendships that so unexpectedly bond for you through some very casual encounters. Before you realise, the acquaintance has taken you way ahead on the journey through time.

That’s exactly what happened to me, especially after the late 80s when I finally decided to use my skills in writing and speaking to make a living and a name for myself. People I met as casual encounters at work got closer than my kin. In every cycle here on Saptabeej, we dedicate one of the seven seeds to savour in absolute serendipity and in-sole company of the written words, these memoirs from my personal memory drive. Interestingly almost all of them kicked off with my on-the-spot handwritten visiting cards.