Born with a highly inquisitive and a deep analytical mind, nurtured to identify problems and produce creative, innovative and effective
solutions. Artistic and Articulate, he has honed his natural abilities in Handwriting, Calligraphy, Public Relations and Public Speaking.
Leadership laced with Organising, Coordinating and Executive skills.

He is not only self-taught and self-made, he has also become a self-actualised and self-realised person. He has been living a life as an
“exception to the rule” by breaking through formal cordons of academics & paper qualifications, with his “Auto-didacticism”.

He is inspired by the great Italian Leonardo da Vinci, his natural abilities and performance in his chosen fields, has lead people who have
experienced him to describe him as:

An Anthropologist, Artist, Author, Autodidact, Aviator, Calligraphy Connoisseur & Maestro, Cognoscenti of Handwriting, Corporate trainer,
Cross-Cultural Understanding Enter-Trainer, Educational Reformer, Entrepreneur, Geographer, Graphologist, Life Coach, Mentor, Mimicry Artist,
Miniature Model Maker, Marksman, Orator, Professor of Management, Professor of Penmanship, Questioned Document Examiner, Raconteur,
Sculptor, Sociologist & Social Reformer.

Most sought after expert in Handwriting and Calligraphy who has trained professionals from all walks of life in the last 25 years. Today he is the only person in the world who remains a Connoisseur of Handwriting, Professional Lettering, Calligraphy, Graphology as well as a Questioned Document Examiner, all rolled into one. Co-Author of the first ever book on Handwriting in Asia-Pacific region.

He choose calligraphy to emphasise on precision and beauty and to demonstrate that people with epilepsy can be creative, systematic and organised achievers with excellence and lead a respectful meaningful, eventful and satisfying life, to disprove the myths about people with epilepsy.

Resource person, Guest faculty, Visiting Professor, Academic adviser, Syllabus setter, Project guide, Examiner and Evaluator at various Management Colleges, Institutes of repute, Universities in Karnataka.
Senior Trainer in the Corporate world handling soft skills, Cross Cultural Understanding, & Personality Enhancement Programmes. Taught and Trained over two lakh students and trainees.

He is widely travelled Nationally and Internationally, well read and globally exposed professional who is honoured by prestigious institutions for his exemplary services in his chosen fields.

He has been regularly featured in print, television and digital media for his achievements.

All his achievements have been…not because of…but…despite various barriers in LIFE, using his natural abilities to perform and excel in his chosen fields.


Honorary Secretary – British Business Group, Bangalore from 2013
Vice Chairman – Karnataka, British South India Council of Commerce, UK from 2013
President – Association of British Scholars – Karnataka Chapter from 2009
Past President – Rotary Bangalore Peenya 2008 – 2009
Author Trustee – Bengaluru Fort Area Welfare Trust from 2017
Member of the Speicial Advisory Commitee – Sushil Koirala Memorial Foundation, Nepal
Member of over a dozen professional bodies in the country and abroad.


“The only Indian to be allowed to write his own passport” in 1993.
“Outstanding Young Indian” by the Jaycees in 1999.
“Cultural Ambassador to UK in 2001” – Rotary International.
“The only Indian to teach Power Handwriting to British”-2001
“India’s Who’s Who” – He has been listed from 2002.
“Outstanding Person with Epilepsy Award” – International Bureau of Epilepsy, Ireland – 2007.
“Extraordinary Achievement Award” – Governor of Karnataka – in 2007.
“Celebrate Success Award” – Ethos Swiss Watch Studios in 2007.
“Paul Harris Fellow” – Rotary International – 2008.
“Hero President” of Rotary Bangalore Peenya in 2008 – 2009.
“Guru Vandana Award” conferred by the Governor of Karnataka – 2013.
“The first Indian to register a Limited Company for Calligraphy and Handwriting in UK” – 2013