“Would you like to impress anyone at any age, anywhere and any time in this digitised world? You can..with our power Handwriting & Calligraphy at the International School of handwriting, lettering and calligraphy”

“ World Class training since 1990, quality with unmatched perfections”

Founded by the Maestro K.C Janardhan, who is the only Indian to be allowed to write his own passport. The Indian who taught “Power Handwriting to British and the rest of the world.
We have been empowering people to understand the cause of Bad handwriting and reasons
for ineffective remedies”
We have been providing the most effective solutions in the world synchronising ancient
knowledge and wisdom with modern techniques and dedicated research culminating into a
systematic and organised approach for a natural and logical progression in handwriting.
Our courses are designed with an obsession for quality and passion for personal attention.
Which have been experienced and endorsed by our trainees and students from various
walks of life. Many of our students have secured state ranks and distinctions in their school
and college exam. We have been training, parents, teachers, headmasters, principals,
Inspectors of Schools and students above 14 years of age in Handwriting, Lettering &
Calligraphy through continuous research.

Courses Offered:
For the general public:
Seminars on “ Power handwriting” – One to Three Hours
Workshop on 7 elements of Handwriting-Calligraphy two Days
Alphabets Engineering Programme- One Year
Alphabet Architecture programme- Two Years
Calligraphy with Spiritual Dimension-Three Years

For Parents, Teachers, Headmasters, Principals and Inspectors of Schools:
After attending the two-day workshop on 7 Elements of Handwriting and completing

Alphabet Engineering Programme. Parents, Teachers, Headmasters, Principals and
Inspectors of Schools can process to the higher levels mentioned below:
Alphabet & Physical problem Locator Programme-One year
Alphabet & Physical problem Solver Programme-One year


  • Seminars
  • Long Term Courses
  • Workshops