About Us

J’s Quill Group – Founder Maestro K.C.Janardhan is an author-preneur, Calligraphy Maestro, Coach, Cognoscenti of Handwriting, Cross-Cultural Understanding, Corporate Enter -Trainer, Educational Reformer & Mentor, Professor of Penmanship & Management, Questioned Document Examiner & Raconteur


He is one of the finest living examples of Cicero’s quote:

Natural ability without education has more often raised a man to glory and virtue than education without natural ability .



what our customers said about us:

“ But for you “J” we would have never been through British Culture, we have read the text nearly 8 times but we remember your words much better, your handwritten words are as impressive as the words spoken by you, no wonder every trainee vote you as the best trainer!!!”

ICICI One Source.
Reality Process from United Kingdom

“The session on “Be Your Own Master” presented by you were truly inspiring. It helped students like me to know the latent talents. It was an honour listening to you”

R. Krishna Kumar
First year MBA, IBMR, Bangalore.

“Your action speaks louder than words, one can see the dramatic improvements which must be helping these young people and older people too…enormously, that must have a great impact on their lives and must make them more confident people”

Graham Last
Chairman, Society of Italic Handwriting & Inspector of Schools, London, England.

“He’s a healer”

Dr. Rosemary Sasoon
Handwriting Expert, Kent, England.